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Straight Ends & Color Pairings CAN Look Just As GOOD!

December 24, 2019 2 min read

Straight Ends & Color Pairings CAN Look Just As GOOD!

As much as we would like to try and provide curved end fitted bracelets for all watch models, it certainly not economically wise as a business to design a curved end fitted bracelet, simply because of a request received from one or two customers. Instead of focusing on fitted end links for so and so watch model, perhaps choosing the right color, or a particular finish on a bracelet, can also change the entire look for your watch.

22mm Hexad 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band Straight Lug, DLC Black SS221820BLC040S

Here introduce the latest technology of metal coating - "Diamond-like carbon" DLC coating. DLC is very resistant to abrasive and adhesive wear making it suitable for use in wristwatch accessories that may experience extreme contact pressure in rolling or sliding contact. The extreme hardness, wear-resistance, and slickness of DLC coating make it an ideal coating to apply to stainless steel watch bands.

20mm Endmill Solid Watch Bracelet, Straight End, Brushed & Polished SUB Clasp SS201805P2S030S

You can imagine how difficult it must be for people wearing the original black rubber strap that came with the black watch case and are looking for a particular bracelet, but was hoping there would be a black color available, or even an odd color combination to give your watch a whole new unexpected look.

22mm Super-J Louis PVD Black Watch Band, Solid Straight End, Diver Clasp SS221803BBK020S

Other than color options, finding a bracelet with a particular finish can also bring out the shiny or lustrous surface around the watch case. The look on a plain brush bracelet, when compare to a brush & polish finish bracelet, can determine the decision of which bracelet to purchase since the look between the two finishes are quite different.

22mm Super-J Louis 316L Stainless Steel Watch Band, Solid Straight End, SUB Diver Clasp, full IP Gold SS221805PFG020S

Mesh band is a perfect example for customers to consider if unable to find a curved end fitted bracelet for your watch since all mesh bands are strictly designed in straight end styles.

22mm Solid End Massy Mesh Band Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet, V-Clasp, Polished MC221820B002P

Of course, its ideal to be able to find a curved end fitted bracelet for your watch. Just because there isn’t a fitted bracelet for that particular watch model of yours, there are other options when looking at straight fitted bracelet with various colors and finish options that can also help change the look on your watch.

22mm Solid End Massy Mesh Band Stainless Steel Watch Bracelet, V-Clasp, PVD Black MC221820BBK002

Mesh Band is a great hit in the watch band history and it is everlasting. One of the hot picks is the solid endlink heavy mesh which has an outstanding beefy appearance.

Tapered Milanese Wire Mesh Band, Polished IP Gold MB2016FYPGD043

This mesh band is in truly vintage look, perfect match your vintage style watches. Inspired by the 70's, the craftsmanship of this fine mesh bracelet is very delicate. The thickness was increased almost half to gain the massive appearance where is the trend of the 21st century.

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