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Seiko Baby MM SBDC079 Ginza Limited Edition

August 12, 2019 4 min read

Seiko Baby MM SBDC079 Ginza limited edition 300 pieces Prospex 200M Baby Marinemaster JDM
Seiko Baby MM SBDC079 Ginza limited edition 300 pieces Prospex 200M Baby Marinemaster JDM Tokyo “GINZA LIMITED EDITION” Review

Seiko Dream Square at Ginza, Tokyo

Seiko Dreams Square is a unique place where all of the dreams of Seiko’s founder, Kintaro Hattori and all of his descendants come true. This interactive hub is also a dream come true for every watch geek. It is like the walk-in encyclopedia of Seiko’s history, present and future. We’re also not immune to its charm and we get to think no one can be, because even if you don’t love watches, you have to admire the vision that made it.


A brief history of Seiko since 1965, plus a floor map

This dreamy land of watches is a home to some supreme Seiko models from series such as Prospex, Prestige and Astron – and many more. To be honest, one falls in love a number of times in this building, but this time, something special caught our attention. We just had to have it.

And we aren’t wrong we call it Baby. It’s his name, actually. 

Seiko Baby MM SBDC079 Ginza limited edition 300 pieces Prospex 200M Baby Marinemaster JDM

We’re talking about Seiko’s Prospex JDM Baby Marinemaster 200 Meter Diver. But it’s not just any model; this Baby is a limited edition. Specifically, it is marked as "Ginza limited edition" and there are only 300 pieces in the world. Shortly called "Baby MM", this magnificent piece is marked as JDM, which means it is made for Japanese Domestic Market. Therefore, there are some things that separate him from the also charming Baby Marinemaster series.


To refresh your memory, Baby Marinemaster is powered with caliber 6R15, as its Japanese cousin. Yet, Japanese version of this watch is more expensive than its predecessor, and even more expensive than Seiko Prospex Diver 200m SPB103J1 Green Sumo with caliber 6R35 in it. It is prices around 129,600 yen, which goes around $1,200. So let’s see if the price is justified and what makes it so prized. 


Seiko Ginza Baby MM in details

Seiko Prospex Ginza Limited Model, marked as SBDC079 is launched on June 8, 2019 at Seiko Dream Square. Limited to only 300 pieces, its case is marked with a serial number and as "GINZA LIMITED EDITION" on the back.


It is only available in Ginza, Tokyo, at the previously mentioned Seiko Dreams Square and six of Seiko’s retail locations in Ginza, which, we must admit, first got our attention. It wouldn’t be the first time that the best pieces are reserved for Seiko’s home base clients. If it wasn’t that, it had to be something special. And there is.


Baby MM with 20H18BBU57C1C33, Matte Brown Horween Chromexcel watch strap

Now let’s say a few words on specifications.

Run by caliber 6R15 and 23 jewels, this super diver holds over 50 hours of power reserve. Automatic, with manual winding mechanism, it displays time on wonderful green dial. Its stainless steel case with screw case back is scratch resistant thanks to Diashell coating, while its display is made of sapphire crystal with anti-reflect coating on inner side. Additionally, high magnetic resistance, LumiBritte on indexes and hands and 200 m water resistance suitable for air diving are also implied by the belonging to Marinemaster series, as well as its dimensions. At first, nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to its series or its international cousin. But this is no ordinary Marinemaster. This one has a message. 


SBDC079 with 20C18DBU57S6F22, Greyish Green Nubuck Leather watch strap

We’ve already mentioned its beautiful green display. There’s something captivating in its nuance at the very first sight, as it is almost emerald, especially when you’re looking at it live. Moreover, there’s a strong meaning behind it, aside from the fact that Seiko decided to go with current color trends, but in its own way.


Shop Seiko MM200 bracelet

This unique green nuance on Baby MM is made in loving memory of the willow trees that lined the streets of Ginza district once upon a time. More specifically, in 1880s, around the time when Kintaro Hattori, the founder of Seiko opened his first watch shop named "K. Hattori". Nowadays, the area has almost no trees compared to then and the area is covered by concrete and glass.

Though it isn’t the only watch with the same message, along with two other models with green nuances marked as Ginza limited editions (Astron GPS Solar SBXC025 and Presage SARW051), it surely is the most important Baby Marinemaster. Besides being targeted to JDM and limited edition to 300 pieces only, it is not only a time reminder, but also a reminder that no matter how successful we are in all other areas of life, we won’t go far without minding the nature, as we are one with it.  


Baby MM with 20A20BZZ00N2P30, Black & Military Green NATO Military watch strap

And that’s exactly what makes Seiko so attractive – its history is not only marked with tremendous progress, but with purpose and visions of the greater good – from its very foundation. And that’s exactly why we love it.

To conclude this review and answer the question from the beginning, yes, Baby MM is well worth the price.

P.S. A few pieces can be found for sale on the web but their prices go over $1500. Anyway, going to Japan is never a bad idea so we heartily recommend buying it at Seiko’s playground for watch lovers.  

Video from Youtube : Jtm Watches

Written by M.H. , Photo by Toni

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