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Plain Color ZULU watch straps Collection

February 17, 2021 2 min read

Plain Color ZULU watch straps Collection
Three Waffle Nylon Zulu watch straps, from left : Black, Grey and Military Green

The origin of NATO straps goes back to the early seventies when it was first worn by the British military.  One of the main purposes NATO straps were designed was to prevent the failure of a single spring bar, the watch will still be secured by the remaining spring bar.  Since then, NATO straps became more and more popular among watch enthusiasts for the vintage pieces and also in the modern times as a reliable and also fashionable alternative to both leather and/or stainless bracelets. 


Nato Strap : Plain Color ZULU watch straps

3 Rings Honeycomb Zulu Strap on Seiko King Turtle SRPE05

A Zulu strap is similar to a NATO strap since the two are usually made from a type of nylon or polyester. The main difference between the two is that traditional NATO Straps have an additional strap that slides through the two lugs, so when you wear the watch, there are two straps of nylon between your wrist and the watch instead of one. Besides, Nato usually comes with squared-off buckles. On the other hand, Zulu straps are made in one piece, where the strap is simply threaded over one spring bar, under the watch, and over onto the second spring bar.

Water Repellent 5 rings 3-D Zulu straps from Left :  Military Green on Seiko SUN053, Black on Seiko Sumo SPB029, Khaki on Seiko Shogun SPB099, all comes in PVD black hardware

These Zulu straps from Strapcode are available in three/five rings, with colors like black, blue, brown, grey, green, khaki, orange, and tan.  You can also select the metal finish: brush, polish, PVD, and sandblast to match your watch.  The pins and rings on these NATO Zulu straps are made with 316L stainless steel to ensure quality and durability.


Written by Sam , Photo by Toni 


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