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Nubuck Watch Band Collection

March 01, 2021 2 min read

Nubuck Watch Band Collection

Carcoal Grey Nubuck on Orient Panda

To those who are looking for Nubuck leather watch straps for their time piece, be sure to check out our Nubuck leather straps in our Strapcode watchbands collection.

Nubuck leather is made from the outer layer of top grain calfskin or cowhide.  Nubuck leather can sometimes develop Patina through time and extended use.  Because it is the outer layer that is used, unavoidable scratch marks and defects are often found on Nubuck leather.

Navy Blue with red stitching, on Seiko 62MAS Reissue SPB149J1

In order to rectify the problem with the visual markings, Nubuck leather will go through a sanding & buffing process in order to get rid of the markings.

19mm Lug Navy Blue Nubuck watch strap on Seiko Prospex SLA017

To ensure the markings are well hidden, Nubuck leather is often color dyed to hide any remaining visual markings.  Since Nubuck leather is made from top grain leather, they are more durable and tougher when comparing to the likes of suede, synthetic and bonded leather.

19mm Camel Brown on Ernest Borel vintage Cocktail

However, Nubuck leather is left with a velvety surface after going through the sanding process, it is vulnerable to sustain substances like water, oil, and mud.  It's important to properly clean and maintain all leather goods, including Nubuck leather.

Maintaining Nubuck leather maybe slightly easier than leather materials.  All you'll need is a damped cloth to remove the dirt.  Once dried, you can use a soft cleaning brush to remove the rest of the dirt. 

Carmel Brown with white stitching paired Seiko Hi-Beat SBEX007


Written by Sam , image by Toni

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