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Embracing Dragon's Prosperity: Blessings of Abundance in CNY 2024!

January 24, 2024 5 min read

Embracing Dragon's Prosperity: Blessings of Abundance in CNY 2024!
The upcoming Chinese New Year marks the dawn of another festive season. As CNY approaches in the Year of the Dragon 2024, there is a palpable sense of promise and possibility in the air. People anticipate celebrating with family and friends while observing traditional customs. It will be a joyous time to express gratitude for the past and welcome renewed hope for what's yet to come.

CNY is a cherished festival that heralds the beginning of the year in the Chinese calendar. It is a time for us to embrace the joy and spirit of renewal. As we prepare for this special occasion, let us not forget the importance of a well-chosen accessory. A timepiece has always been a symbol of style and functionality. While a brand new watch would certainly make a statement, the cost can be prohibitive. Did you know that changing out your watch band is a more affordable way to get a totally new look?  By pairing your existing watch with a new metal watch bands, you can refresh your style without breaking the bank. Consider opting for a new band in a complementary charm - it's an easy upgrade that will have you looking your best fortune this CNY.

Dragons are revered for their power and strength. As we step into the Year of the Dragon, let us embrace these qualities and channel them into our celebrations. May this CNY be a time for us to tap into our inner strength and embrace the opportunities that lie ahead. So, as we continue to immerse ourselves in the festivities, let us remember the significance of this special time. Consider adorning your wrist with a watch that exudes style and grace, symbolizing your readiness to embark on a prosperous journey in the Year of the Dragon.


Timekeeping Tweaks to Treat Yourself this CNY

In this fast-paced 21st century, time-saving and quick-change solutions are increasingly popular trends. Let us take a look at some of this year's hottest new watch band options.

strapcode-watch-bands-Tool-free-Pull-twist-resizing-watch-bandThe Pull-Twist Resizing Magic watch band could be effortlessly customized to the wrist's shape through a quick twist, thanks to its innovative tool-free design. Images are showing Entwine (PT) , Metabind II (PT) and Hexad (PT).

The innovative Pull-Twist Resizing Magic watch bands allow for easy on-the-go resizing with just a quick 'pull and twist'. Those gaining attention are the Entwine PT and Metabind PT bands, known for their stylish and adaptable design. Those seeking premium craftsmanship and sturdy will appreciate the Hexad PT watch bands, all constructed with top-notch 316L stainless steel and complimented with quick-release spring bar.

Tool-Free 22mm Metabind Pull-twist Quick-release stainless steel watch band by StrapcodeThe SEIKO Prospex Red Shogun SPB099J1 Zimbe 11 Limited Edition watch embodies the festive spirit of Chinese New Year with its vibrant red dial and celebratory design.

The Metabind II has an innovative pull-twist resizing system that allows the links to easily disconnect without tools. Metabind watch band takes inspiration from vintage 1960s riveted metal bracelets with polished sides and rivets. With a tapered body, it pays tribute to diving watch styles. The bracelet pairs with a Baton double lock diver's clasp made of solid stainless steel. Metabind II has integrated quick-release spring bars allow for fast attachment, facilitating versatile outfitting. Its modular link design allows for endless outfitting options through its adjustable system.


SHOP 22mm Tool-Free Metabind Pull-twist Q.R. Watch Band

SEIKO Prospex Baby MM SPB109J1 Zimbe 12 Thailand Limited Edition watch band by StrapcodeThe SEIKO Prospex Baby MM SPB109J1 Zimbe 12 Thailand Limited Edition watch, featuring a green dial and gold / green bezel, embodies the auspiciousness and prosperity associated with CNY.

The Entwine modular bracelet uses a pull-twist resizing system to allow adjustable length through links that twist apart without screws or pins. Entwine is crafted from 316L stainless steel with a flat olive profile for durability and flexibility. The modular links are arranged in this profile, with each link consisting of a robust central body constructed from brushed stainless steel. On either side are two thinner polished or brushed side links that act as protective brackets, allowing customization of the visual aesthetic. Quick-release spring bars permit timepieces to be speedily swapped to complement shifting styles. Its innovative design provides infinite styling options through an easy-to-use adjustable system.

SHOP 20mm or 22mm Tool-Free Entwine Pull-twist Q.R. Watch Band 

Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1 watch band by Strapcode

The Seiko Monster Prospex Thailand 30th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPG55K1 watch, with its blue dial and white and gold accents, exudes elegance and celebration vibe.

SHOP 20mm Tool-Free Metabind Pull-twist Q.R. Watch Band 

Seiko 50th Anniversary SUN043 Prospex Kinetic GMT 200m Air Scuba Diver watch band by StrapcodeThe Seiko 50th Anniversary SUN043 Prospex Kinetic GMT 200m Air Scuba Diver watch, with its white dial and gold hands, embodies a sense of purity and prosperity often associated with CNY.

The sturdy Hexad uses an innovative pull-twist resizing system that allows length adjustment through discreet screwless links that twist apart without tools. It features a striking modular design that was first introduced in recent years. Each substantial link consists of 3 chamfered 316L stainless steel segments, making the Hexad thick and sturdy at over 100g. It has a lug size of 24mm and comes in two finishes - all brushed or DLC black coating. Integrated quick-release spring bars allow for swift watch attachment and enhanced flexibility and comfort. Inspired by vintage Boyer designs, it comfortably conforms to the wrist through its bendable construction. The Hexad's modular link construction enables endless styling through an easy-adjust system for active lifestyles or formal occasions. Its contemporary re-imagining of classic designs provides robust yet tailored wear.

SHOP 24mm Tool-Free Hexad Pull-twist Q.R. Watch Bands 

Whether you're after convenience, adaptability or luxury, these cutting-edge watch band picks for 2024 are perfect for accessorizing your timepiece this holiday season. Their modern features and designs are sure to complement both your personal sense of style and busy lifestyle.

Happy CNY! May this festive season bring you joy, good fortune, and the courage to pursue your dreams.



STRAPCODE would like to inform you that our office will be closed from Thursday 8th Feb,2024 till next Thursday 15th Feb, 2024 due to Chinese New Year Festivities.

Please note that any orders that are placed on 8th Feb to 15th Feb, will be processed the following Friday, 16th Feb, 2024.

For queries regarding shipment statuses, return cases and/or follow ups, please wait until Friday 16th Feb, 2024, when our team returns to work.

We apologize for any inconveniences caused. Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated.

If you require any assistance during the office closure, please contact us at customer-care@strapcode.com. While we will not be able respond to emails as promptly as usual, we will respond once we return to the office. We wish you all a very happy holiday season!


Hop into the Year of the Dragon
with Positive Energy & Hope for a Bright Year ahead.


The Year of the Dragon represents power, strength and good fortune as the dragon symbolizes positive energy and auspiciousness in Chinese culture. Thank you for your kind attention and hope you have a prosperous New Year of the Dragon.


Kind regards.

Strapcode Team


Written by Vienna, images by Toni.

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