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2 pcs of Individual Steel Fork (for MiLTAT Precision Triangular Spring Bar Tool)

Two pieces of Changeable forks for you to replace your MiLTAT's new precision triangular spring bar tool no. NT-SBT-010LD. The thickness at the tip of the fork is changed to 3 segments, from 1mm to 0.3mm, which avoids breakage when force was applied. Fork end has round shaped cutting, for better positioning of the spring bar flange.

Description: NT-SBT010-2F
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Size: 20.2mm x 1.1mm
Color/Finish: Fine finishing
Material: Stainless Steel
Net Weight: n/a
Precision tool: 1mm round cutted fork. (Changeable fork)

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