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22mm Silicone Black Watch Band, Groove Lines Pattern

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  • Silicone watch bands are made by soft and smooth material, which has good high and low-temperature resistance. They're fashionable and won't wear out so easily.
  • Item number : NS-SC222054P063
    Brand Name : Taikonaut Strap
    Lug width : 22mm
    Buckle size : 20mm
    Buckle Include : Yes
    Buckle type / Finish : 316L stainless steel Polished Pin Buckle
    Overall Length : 110+75mm
    Thickness : 3.0-4.0mm
    Net Weight : around 20g~25g
    Spring bar hole dia. : 1.78mm (not included)
    Design to fit : All watches with 22mm lug width
    Material : Silicone, Groove Lines Pattern
    Color : Black
    Lug end style : Straight End
    Adjustment type : 8 Pin holes
    Fits max.160mm - min. 110mm wrist
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