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20mm Black Double Groove Silicone Watch Band

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  • 2 groove lines design medium soft silicone watch band ideal for diver watches or sport watches. Silicon is a comfortable & eco-friendly material very suitable for outdoor activities such as swimming & other water sports. Under layer engraved with pattern to minimize the contact surface and to provide a comfortable wearing. Advanced dust proof treatment to ensure your best performance. Waterproof characteristic also a good choice for excessive sweating.
  • Item no.: SC2018IWB052
    Brand Name: Taikonaut Strap
    Lug width: 20mm
    Buckle size: 18mm
    Buckle Include: Yes
    Buckle type / Finish: IWC-Style 316L Screw-in Buckle (IW18-001B)
    Overall Length: 115mm + 75mm
    Thickness: 5.0mm - 3.0mm
    Spring bar hole dia.: 1.78mm
    Design to fit : All watches with 20mm lug width
    Material: Silicone
    Color: Black
    Lug end style: Straight End
    Adjustment type: Pin holes
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