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20mm, 22mm MiLTAT Perlon Watch Strap, Green, PVD Brushed Black Ladder Lock Slider Buckle

European made braided Perlon strap attached a superior quality 316L stainless steel ladder lock slider buckle to strap connection. The quality of Perlon strap was good but always been complaining that the buckle was too flimsy. This is necessary to swap a new design, our own 316L stainless steel ladder lock slider buckle. Braided strap featuring lack of holes which gives Perlon strap an endless size adjustments. It can perfectly adjustable to your exact wrist size requirements. Your watch will stays nicely just as well as on a Nato or Zulu strap, so no need to worry about sliding. Perlon fiber characteristic is very lightweight, waterproof and dry even faster than NATO. Perlon strap look very dressy on most watches such as Rolex submariner, GMT Master & Daytona. If you want to have a customized look on your watch, Perlon straps are the right choice. Variety of colors available, one of those would be your perfect match of your watch and your personality.

Item number : 22A22DBU59N7F17-XX
Brand Name : MiLTAT
Lug width : 20 or 22mm
Buckle size : 20 or 22mm
Buckle Include : Yes
Buckle type / Finish : Superior quality 316L stainless steel Ladder Lock Slider Buckle PVD Black (Brushed)
Overall Length : approx. 280mm
Thickness : approx. 1.0mm
Spring bar hole dia. : Not applicable
Design to fit : All watchese with 20 or 22mm lug width
Material : Perlon fiber
Color / Finish : Green
Remarks : These Perlon straps are in loosely woven style, kindly note the length is not going be consistent. Variance may up to 15mm.

Lookbook demo watches : Seiko Marine Master Professional 1000M SBBN029 - 2015 Baselworld Release

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