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MiLTAT Precision Triangular Spring Bar Tool

Common spring bar tool in the market usually have standard cut V-shaped fork end. The fork has to be in a centimeter long, thin and slim just enough to insert into the gap and grab the spring bar. MiLTAT has developed a new precision triangular spring bar tool from the principle of leverage, focusing on thickness improvement. The thickness at the tip of the fork is changed to 3 segments, from 1mm to 0.3mm, which avoids breakage when force was applied. Fork end has round shaped cutting, for better positioning of the spring bar flange.

Description: NT-SBT-010LD
Brand Name: MiLTAT
Size: 127mm x Dia. 8.0mm
Color/Finish: Black
Material: Anodized Aluminum
Net Weight: 21g
Remark: Precision tool with 2 heads: 1mm round cutted fork and 0.8mm push pin. (Changable Steel fork)

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