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Test 2 - SC World.com : Well-made Watch Bands That Your Watch Deserve

Putting on a different watch strap to your watch not only can give it an entirely new look,

it UPGRADES your watch to a whole new level!




To our customers, fans, and subscriber of STRAPCODE, we recently launched an UK-based website, STRAPCODE.UK, with the ideal purpose to enhance and grow your knowledge with watch bands, but to also guide you into the right direction before you pick your next watch band.

Below is a summary of our most popular articles. You will be able to find the helpful links that are watch related, and of course tutorial guides that would help you to learn about watch bands and a lot more:  such as specific terms of watch bands, how to resize your watch bands, and watch band materials, etc.

At any circumstance when you feel is time for a brand new watch band, simply “Click HERE”, which will take you back to our main store website.

To all of you Seiko mods fanatics, feel free to check out our Seiko Watch Bands catalog by clicking HERE.


Should you have any questions about watch bands or you need any assistance please do not hesitate to drop us an email at customer-care@strapcode.com.


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