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Multi Purpose Traveller's Watch Band Tool, Screwdriver for changing watch bracelets

  • Multi-purpose watchband tool & screw-driver all-in-one. Japan made high-quality spring bar tool is designed for high accuracy applications. A cut-out type 1.7mm slot screwdriver is a perfect watch bracelet length adjustment tool for Swiss luxury RX watches. A cut-out type 1.0mm fork which is reversible. This is a handy watch tool to be used for installing and removing spring bar on/off watch bands or watch straps and adjust the length of screw-type watch bracelet. The blades are protected by caps; the tiny size is perfect for the traveler.
  • Item no. : NT-SDSBT-016JP
    Brand : MiLTAT
    Overall size : 80mm length, 6.0mm diameter
    Color/Finish : Grey and Military Green
    Material : Anodized Aluminum
    Net Weight : 6g
    Remarks : Tool with 2 stainless steel blades : 1.0mm fork (reversible) and 1.7mm cut-out type slot screwdriver blade.
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