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The 1st Changeable Casio G-SHOCK DWE-5600CC-3

1 min read November 11, 2020

The 1st Changeable Casio G-SHOCK DWE-5600CC-3

Casio recently updated its DW-5600 series of G-SHOCK watches with a new DWE-5600CC-3 circuit board camo design. The DWE-5600CC-3 is the newest model from the 5600 series, inheriting the epic square shape of the first G-SHOCK.


Quick Release Casio G-SHOCK G10 Hybrid Paracord watch Band, Camo Beige & Black

The new G10 Hybrid watch Strap will soon be the leading paracord watch band on the market. Leading the way, as the premiere paracord watch band company, Trilotac decided to take it to a new level. The all-new design will feature an adapter that accommodates paracord and the traditional nylon straps into one.


While the bezel is usually fixed to the case with screws, the DWE-5600CC-3 employs a new design secured by using four small hooks made from carbon fiber. The DWE-5600CC is the first G-SHOCK to feature freely interchangeable bands and bezels.

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